Join us on our journey of innovation and community growth.

Introduction 🌟

Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst for StarkNet Network. We're reshaping the future of investing, deal flow, and value creation within the Starknet Ecosystem. Rooted in the Starknet Network and fueled by community spirit, Dolven Labs stands as the central hub for Permissionless DeFi tools and groundbreaking projects.

Mission & Vision 🚀🔮

At Dolven Labs, we are on a mission to empower and accelerate the Starknet Ecosystem. Our goal is to drive swift maturity and robust growth, fostering a stronger, more expansive StarkNet Network. Together, we're building a boundless StarkNet, where innovation knows no limits.
Dolven Labs envisions a vibrant Starknet, enhanced by our tools, projects, and programs. Our aim is to expand Starknet's reach and impact, simplifying the path to success for all. With us, Starknet's potential knows no bounds, and together, we'll chart a course toward a brighter future.

Dolven Labs Ecosystem 🌐

As an Ecosystem Catalyst, it prioritizes the growth of the StarkNet ecosystem, through its programs and tools, it aims to accelerate your StarkNet Experience.

Supercharger ⚡

Dolven Labs Supercharger offers early-stage investment to Starknet projects.
Here's how it works:
  1. 1.
    Application: Projects can apply on our website.
  2. 2.
    Due Diligence: The Dolven Labs team conducts due diligence.
  3. 3.
    DAO Voting: Projects receiving sufficient votes gain investment from the Dolven Labs Investment Fund.

Starknet Quick Launch Kit 🚀

Our Quick Launch Kit minimizes the time and effort required to build on Starknet
  • Permissionless Token Minter 🔑: Mint tokens easily with our user-friendly interface.
  • Permissionless Token Vesting 🎯: Add vesting periods effortlessly.
  • Permissionless Liquidity Locker 🔒: Ensure price stability and prevent fraudulent activities.

Learning Hub 📚

An online on-chain coding competition for Cairo-Lang.
Cairo Library 📚
A smart contract library for Cairo-Lang.

Starknet Social 🌐

The Next Generation of Social Networking on StarkNet 🌟 In an era where connections transcend borders and communities become global, StarkNet Social brings a new dimension to social networking. Explore our exciting features that empower you to create, connect, and trust.
StarkNet Social offers exciting features:
  • Social Space 🪐: Showcase your links and more.
  • Davatar 🌈: Customize your NFT avatar.
  • Identities 🌐: Choose an identity to match your brand.
  • Verified Profiles 🌟: Enhance community safety.
  • Integrable Trust Score System 🔒: Revolutionize blockchain communities with a Trust Score Protocol.

Pyramid NFT Marketplace 🎨

Unlock the Future of NFTs with Pyramid
The Pyramid NFT Marketplace, an integral part of the Dolven Labs ecosystem, is your gateway to the world of NFTs. Built on the robust StarkNet Network, Pyramid offers a seamless and secure platform to buy, sell, and explore NFTs. With a commitment to high uptime, user-friendliness, and an array of cutting-edge features, Pyramid redefines the NFT experience.
Key Features:
  • High Uptime 💎: Pyramid ensures 24/7 availability, so you can trade NFTs without interruptions.
  • User-Friendly Design 🌈: A sleek, intuitive interface makes navigating the marketplace a breeze.
  • Instant Transactions 🚀: Enjoy lightning-fast, secure NFT transactions on the StarkNet Network.
  • Wide NFT Variety 🌐: Explore a diverse range of NFTs, from digital art to collectibles and beyond.
  • Secure Storage 🔐: Your NFTs are safeguarded with state-of-the-art security measures.
  • Community-Driven 🤝: Pyramid thrives on community involvement, offering a space for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Dolven DAO 🔵

We're creating a decentralized autonomous organization. Delegates, our DAO members, enjoy various benefits, including:
  • Proposal Power ⚙️: Create and sustain proposals.
  • Voting Power 🗳️: Influence investment decisions.
  • Rewards 💎: Share in the reward pool.
  • Direct Investment 💼: Invest directly in the StarkNet ecosystem through Dolven Labs.

Incubation 🌱

At Dolven Labs, we believe in nurturing innovation and providing the necessary support for projects that show promise and potential within the StarkNet Ecosystem. Our incubation program is designed to offer dedicated assistance to these budding projects, helping them thrive and achieve their full potential.
What to Expect from Dolven Labs Incubation
  • Strategic Guidance 🚀: We provide hands-on guidance to shape your project's roadmap, strategy, and development process. Our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure you're on the right track.
  • Technical Support 🛠️: The StarkNet environment can be challenging, but with Dolven Labs, you'll have access to technical expertise, ensuring that your project is technically robust.
  • Marketing and Promotion 📣: We understand the importance of visibility. Our marketing and promotion assistance will help your project gain the attention it deserves.
  • Community Engagement 🤝: Building and engaging with the community is key to the success of any project. We'll assist you in connecting with potential users and contributors.
  • Funding Opportunities 💰: Our network of investors and funding partners can provide access to additional resources and capital to help your project grow.
How to Qualify for Incubation
Projects that successfully pass the due diligence process and demonstrate their potential to contribute to the StarkNet Ecosystem are eligible to apply for incubation. Our commitment is to see your project through its development and launch phases, ensuring it is well-prepared to thrive on StarkNet.
Dolven Labs Incubation is your gateway to the StarkNet success story. We're here to provide the support and resources your project needs to make a significant impact within the StarkNet Network.

Incentive Programs 💰

Staking and Farming 🌾

Staking and Farming are not only methods for token growth but also avenues to deeper engagement with Dolven Labs. Beyond the traditional benefits, we offer you a path to become a Delegator and take on an active role within our DAO.
Becoming a Delegator
When you Stake or Farm up to the minimum deposit limit of DL tickets, you gain eligibility to become a Delegator, a valued member of our DAO. As a Delegator, you wield influence and actively participate in shaping the future of Dolven Labs.
DAO Incentives
Our DAO members play a crucial role in decision-making and governance. They are rewarded with allocations from the Dolven Labs reward pool. This pool is funded by the returns on our early-stage investments, ensuring that our community reaps the benefits of our collective efforts.
DL Ticket Airdrops
Additionally, based on the number of DL tickets you hold, we distribute airdrops to our DAO members. The more you contribute to our ecosystem, the greater your potential rewards.
Staking and Farming with Dolven Labs isn't just a way to grow your assets; it's an opportunity to actively participate in our community and influence our shared journey toward a stronger Starknet Network.

Conclusion 🌐

Dolven Labs is committed to fostering innovation and growth within the StarkNet ecosystem.
Join us on this exciting journey towards a decentralized and thriving StarkNet Network.
Visit our official website for more information and stay connected with the Dolven Labs community.
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