[Journey across Quarters 2022–23]

Q2 2022 Website and Whitepaper Launch Community Building Activities Dolven Labs Ambassador Program Dolven Labs Volunteer Program Optimizing Sustainability Model

Q3 2022 Releasing Testnet Smart-Contracts on GitHub Testnet Eligibility Program Drafting Testnet Plan Building Testnet V1 Cairo Kings Arena #1 (Online Cairo Coding Challenge)

Q4 2022 Public release of Testnet Plan Public release of Testnet V1 Update Website and Whitepaper Building Testnet V2 and V3 Seed Round Fund Raise

Q1 2023 Integrating Oracle Protocols for StarkNet Cairo Kings Arena #2 (Online Cairo Coding Challenge) Public release of Testnet V2 & V3 Releasing Dolven Labs Beta with full features Security Audits for Smart-Contract

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