Governance & DAO

What are DAOs?

DAOs are an effective and safe way to work with like-minded folks around the globe. Think of them like an internet-native business that's collectively owned and managed by its members. They have built-in treasuries that no one has the authority to access without the approval of the group. Decisions are governed by proposals and voting to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice. There's no CEO who can authorize spending based on their own whims and no chance of a dodgy CFO manipulating the books. Everything is out in the open and the rules around spending are baked into the DAO via its code.

Why do we need DAOs?

Starting an organization with someone that involves funding and money requires a lot of trust in the people you're working with. But it’s hard to trust someone you’ve only ever interacted with on the internet. With DAOs you don’t need to trust anyone else in the group, just the DAO’s code, which is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone.

This opens up so many new opportunities for global collaboration and coordination. The Dolven team primarily aims to fund decentralized project funding in the StarkNet ecosystem and expand to other networks. To achieve this goal, it has established DAO structure and draws strength from its community.

Decentralized funding is very important for the token value of the projects to be invested in. Through DAO the project will reach a larger community and it is also one of the best token distribution methods. Dolven invests in projects as a community, not as a single source. This way, we provide an equitable way for the project to be invested.

How does Dolven Labs make decisions for project investments?

Projects building on StarkNet can apply directly to Dolven Labs for early-stage investments by filling Supercharger application form on Dolven Labs website.

Dolven Labs team will conduct primary due diligence on the projects submitted before passing them to DAO for voting.

The projects which receive votes greater than the set pass rate are eligible to receive investment from Dolven Labs Investment Fund.

Quorum and Pass rates will be determined once contracts are deployed.

For projects that fail to receive early-stage investment from Dolven Labs, a provision for re-evaluation is planned and it's called Lower Bracket Qualification.

DAO Incentive Program

Tokens received in return for the investment made are traded for profit, the profit generated is split into three parts, and sent to Dolven Labs Investment Fund, Management Fund, and Reward Pool. The Tokens in the Reward Pool are further distributed to all delegates in the form of airdrops. Delagtors in Dolven are more privileged than other users and have several advantages.

How to Become Delegator and its benefits

We’re creating a decentralized autonomous organization where direct democracy plays an important role. Dolven DAO is what makes all decisions, to join our DAO you must become a Delegator.

To become a Delegator in Dolven Labs, a user should stake $DLV or Liquidity pool token of $DLV more than the minimum deposit limit of the DL ticket.

The members of Dolven Labs DAO are called Delegator. Here are the benefits that they enjoy:

  • They have proposal power which gives access to creating and sustaining a proposal or rejecting an existing proposal.

  • They have voting power for the determination of the projects to provide early-stage investment from Dolven Labs investment fund.

  • They receive benefits from the reward pool.

  • They can also invest directly in the StarkNet ecosystem through Dolven Labs.

Voting Power

There are two models that can be implemented to define voting power.

  • Delegates have equal voting power.

  • Delegates voting power is based on their DL ticket value. The greater the DL ticket value, the higher impact will be made by Delegators vote.

To choose the model to implement our first Dolven Labs DAO voting will be to decide this.

Learn more about How DL Ticket value is evaluated.


  • The proposer must have a proposal power higher than the proposition threshold.

  • The voter must have more than 0 tickets to vote.

Lower Bracket Qualification

Rejected projects who want to participate have the option to request a re-evaluation. Every month special voting is held for projects that requested a re-evaluation.

Dolven Labs DAO votes and the projects that receive majority votes are then moved to get listed as a passed project and are then put against other passed projects for the next upcoming DAO voting. Dolven Labs team aims to be a facilitator of a seamless DAO experience. The team will act as training wheels for the platform for its initial stage.

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