Claiming Process & Reward Distribution

Technical Workflow

The Dolven team decides the projects to invest in with the Dolven mutual fund till the Dolven community reaches 750 Delegators. After the decision to invest and the amount to be invested is taken, the Dolven team will commit the funds to that project. And in return, profit from the tokens received will be delivered to users from Dolven's Airdrops interface. Snapshots for token distributions will be taken one day before the vesting periods of the token to be airdropped. Snapshot dates will be announced beforehand. In addition, to become eligible for airdrop, the user must have been staking or farming and he should have not requested a withdrawal.
Users who request withdrawals and users who have staked $DLV for less than 10 days will not be eligible to receive Airdrops. Incentive Program The Dolven team will publish a user incentive program calendar, on some special days(T.B.D) users who stake $DLV or have been staking or farming for a certain period of time will be eligible to receive 10% more Airdrops.
The Dolven team will not receive any fee from the profits or tokens from the invested project.
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