Catalyst Sustainability and StarkNet Quick Launch Kit

We need to implement an investment strategy that can withstand all types of markets. It is important to us that we continue our support for projects in the StarkNet Ecosystem not only in a rising market but also in a declining market. To ensure the Dolven Mutual Fund continues to invest in projects built on StarkNet, we are building tools that hit two birds with one stone. The first bird is Dolven Labs mutual fund, with the continued investment we run into the risk of depleting our investment fund, therefore, we need to add funds to it which brings us to our second bird which is accelerating building in StarkNet.

Building on StarkNet can be hard, even with an experienced team the learning curve can pose challenges that can offset your target Roadmap with unforeseen complications. To counter this we are introducing to you our sustainability tools which are designed to accelerate your StarkNet experience.

Permissionless Token Minter

Users who want to mint their tokens in StarkNet will now have access to the easiest way to mint their tokens. The permissionless token minter allows users to mint their tokens with an easy UI in the safest way with proven and tested contracts built by the Dolven Labs team.

Permissionless Token Vesting

Users who want to add vesting periods to their tokens in StarkNet can use our permissionless token vesting tool and easily add their desired vesting periods. All of this can be achieved through our easy-to-use interface without needing to have extensive knowledge about smart contracts.

Permissionless Liquidity Locker

When a large number of tokens are sold too quickly, a price shock occurs. This can lead to panic selling, usually resulting in the premature end of a project and the general loss of capital. Such schemes are commonly referred to as "pump and dump" or "rug pull." For this reason, ensuring price stability is one of the most important measures to promote confidence in a project.

"Dolven Liquidity Locker" allows creators to specify when and how many tokens can be sold to show transparency to their community and investors. The utility of liquidity lockers can also be used by investors as a hedge against fraud or as a way to save money.

  • LP Locker: This Locker keeps the LP tokens you provide in a smart contract to initiate the liquidity pool for your project, similar to the regular locker.

Dolven Labs Incubation Center (Coming Soon)

We are helping projects building on StarkNet to make it big, with world-class technologies, premium development, and marketing consulting. Dolven Labs as an incubation partner will help you secure success. Detailed Article Coming Soon!

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