Bond Pools
One of the goals of Dolven Labs is to invest not only in the StarkNet Network but also to expand into other ecosystems and to encourage projects to join the StarkNet Network. In this context, the Dolven team uses Bond pools to strengthen the mutual fund, increase the number of project sectors to invest in, and encourage the community to purchase $DLV.
Bond pools consist of $DLV tokens to be distributed against $USDC with a certain vesting period. However, the main point of bond pools is that they provide you with the $DLV token much lower than the market price. Bond pools are a great solution by Dolven Labs, especially in order to include the new investor in Dolven ecosystem. Tokens that will be distributed in the Bond pool will be distributed from the Dolven team's Treasury fund. The Treasury fund's vesting period and other details are available on the tokenomics page. More technical details and rules of the Bond pool will be announced soon. πŸ‘€
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